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CQRS with event sourcing using NServiceBus, Event Store, Elastic Search, AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC (part 4)

CQRS+event sourcing posts Introduction Command + event sourcing Read model: Elastic Search and event store projections UI   The User Interface The user interface in the code is developed using AngularJS + ASP.NET MVC following the style showed here. So it has several parts: AngularJS, a REST API implemented with ASP.NET MVC all linked to the bus […]

Little prototipe with ASP.NET MVC, JQuery.ajax and AngularJS

Hi, Some nice people asked me to implement a prototipe, a shop, with ASP.NET MVC, JQuery.ajax and AngularJS. Except at menu level it uses ajax in every page content, it has: paging in the article list (with JQuery.ajax retrieving the whole html of the partial page). article details using JQuery.ajax retrieving a json object and […]

CQRS with MongoDB+MassTransit+ASP.NET MVC+AngularJS

Hi all! It is always funny to be able to start a project from scratch, that way we can try new concepts and technologies. As our projects are very event oriented and the performance is critical I want to create a CQRS (maybe without event source) and put in its core a pub/sub (in this […]