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How to analyze a Workflow foundation 4.0 persistence problem

Hello, Sometimes we get the following exception: An error processing the current work item has caused the workflow to abort. See the inner exception for details. InnerException Message: The execution of the InstancePersistenceCommand named {urn:schemas-microsoft-com:System.Activities.Persistence/command}SaveWorkflow was interrupted by an error. We have to write this section in the web.config in order to write the whole […]

How to change the transaction isolation level in the TransactedReceiveScope activity in Workflow Foundation under IIS

Hello, Sometimes we have contention problems in database because of the transaction isolation level when we execute a lot of inserts in parallel. To avoid this, if the business allows it, it is useful to “downgrade” the isolation level of .NET transactions. By default, in the .NET framework, it is set to Serializable, but usually […]

AOP and IOC in WCF 4.0 with Enterprise Library 5 and AppFabric, part 2

In my past post we created a WCF service with IoC and AoP capabilities. Now we will create a custom entlib trace listener that will write to the AppFabric monitoring. In order to use that I took a Microsoft class, WCFUserEventProvider, from the examples and created a wrapper inheriting from the CustomTraceListener Entlib class. Our […]

WF 4.0: How to automatically start a workflow by itself hosted in AppFabric

Hello, In my current project we want to simulate the windows services behaviour using workflow foundation 4.0 and AppFabric. This can not be achieved out of the box, so a little trick is needed. At the beginning I tried to use Global.asax, but that is not a good idea because it is only executed for […]

single instance of a workflow in the cluster with WF 4.0 and AppFabric

Hi, In my current project we need to have just one instance of a wf service in the cluster. That instance should be automatically created, that’s easy calling the receive in the global.asax, here is a good example: But what happens if we have several machines trying to initialize the workflow? We need to […]