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Dirty WCF: Generating and propagating a transaction in a forwarding service.

Well, as I have explained before, the TransactedReceiveScope activity creates a serializable transaction that causes blocks. I have used a tag to modify this behaviour and create a ReadCommitted transaction, but it doesn’t work under certain situations. Now I have tried a different and much dirtier approach. The overall idea is to receive any message […]

Publisher / Subscriber with Windows Azure Service Bus and WCF

Hi all! Let’s talk about a Pub/Sub. Motivation A classical SOA architecture, that mainly uses Workflow Foundation for orchestrations and WCF for services, needs somekind of business event processing. These events usually aren’t calls that follows a normalized business process flow. The events are generated by services which don’t need to know whichever listen to […]

AOP and IOC in WCF 4.0 with Enterprise Library 5 and AppFabric, part 1

Hello, I would like to share with you how we develop AOP and IOC in WCF 4.0 with the EntLib 5 (unity and policy injection), and how we log data in AppFabric. In this first post I will explain how to configure WCF in order to use unity to resolve the class that implement the […]