Clock checker with


We have clock issues in our virtual environment so I made a little project to check if there is really a problem.

The project is very simple, it has two actors:

  • Master: the central actor that runs in a machine in the cluster, it sends its time to the slaves and receives and prints the result of their processing.
  • Slaves: one per machine except the machine that contains the master.  It takes the DateTime provided by the Master and check if its time is greater than the one in the message, if it is not it return the error to the master.


Only two things to be configured:

  • ClockCheckerMaster: change the appconfig from localhost to the master machine name.
  • ClockCheckerSlave: change the master machine application config to the master machine name.


Hope this can help to anyone with clocks or just as a very simple remoting example. Here is the code:


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