Hi, Some nice people asked me to implement a prototipe, a shop, with ASP.NET MVC, JQuery.ajax and AngularJS. Except at menu level it uses ajax in every page content, it has: paging in the article list (with JQuery.ajax retrieving the whole html of the partial page). article details using JQuery.ajax retrieving a json object and […]

Hi, I have been playing with NServiceBus and MassTransit for a few months. One thing I have learned that is important in the design phase is to bear in mind how the system will be deployed or to code the system in a very flexible way (a project per handler?). I would have liked to […]

Hi all! It is always funny to be able to start a project from scratch, that way we can try new concepts and technologies. As our projects are very event oriented and the performance is critical I want to create a CQRS (maybe without event source) and put in its core a pub/sub (in this […]

Well, as I have explained before, the TransactedReceiveScope activity creates a serializable transaction that causes blocks. I have used a tag to modify this behaviour and create a ReadCommitted transaction, but it doesn’t work under certain situations. Now I have tried a different and much dirtier approach. The overall idea is to receive any message […]

Hi all! Let’s talk about a Pub/Sub. Motivation A classical SOA architecture, that mainly uses Workflow Foundation for orchestrations and WCF for services, needs somekind of business event processing. These events usually aren’t calls that follows a normalized business process flow. The events are generated by services which don’t need to know whichever listen to […]

Imagine a system that has to process a lot of information very very fast. Also, when the information has the same target (person, device… whatever) and the same action type for that target it has to be done sequentially, one action has to be blocked by the other. With these requirements I have implemented the […]

Hi all! Migrating eattopia from google maps v2 to v3 in GWT we have had lots of problems. First is all those api changes. And… although v3 is much more complete it lacks some basic methods in V2. Our main headache has been converting from lat/lon to a point (pixel), just to know where to […]


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